Tough times for PrecisionAir. Staff now getting pay-cuts

PrecisionAir, Tanzania’s private commercial airline, has asked its staff, including pilots, to choose; either stay or leave. 

In a June 27 internal memo, the airline’s management told staff who choose to leave to table a resignation letter and those opting to stay, write a commitment letter accepting salary cut. 

The cut is said to stand down to a quarter of their salaries. Pilot salaries go higher up to Sh. 18 million a month. Most pilots and cabin crew have opted for the second option, salary cut.

The main reason for this, as we have seen in the memo, is what the airline called “managing a cash crunch” caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

More redundancies are expected at PrecisionAir in the coming month if the economic situation will stay shaky.

It is said that with the significant impact that the pandemic has had on airline business, PrecisionAir will have to right size its workforce in line with reduced operations.